19 Cute Baby Birds – They are Super Adorable

Who does not like babies? Babies are miniature versions of adults and are adorable in all ways be it human babies, animal babies, or bird babies. Out of all these which do you think are the cutest? It is difficult to decide but with their fluffy feathers and doll-like looks, baby birds are surely extremely charming. What about their heads and feet which are big compared to their bodies? The reason could be anything but the effect, the beauty is the same and all baby birds are stunners.

This article tries to present to you some of these amazing baby birds but nothing can really do justice to all the gorgeous baby birds in the world. Let us take a peek into the little world of baby birds.

1. Baby Penguin

Whenever we think of penguins, the first thing that comes to our minds is the way they waddle. Now think of a little baby penguin doing that! How cute should that be?

That is not all that makes these baby penguins adorable. They have beautifully shaped, large bodies that are feathery and soft and look like dolls that are walking around. To top everything else, they have a perpetual smile on their faces. All these put together give them looks that are breathtaking.

2. Baby Snowy Owl

Think of an owl and his big eyes come to our mind, and remind us of all the beauty of the bird. Do baby owls also have these big eyes? Well yes, they do! Their eyes are big and black and they are set in a background of white feathers. The contrast between the white and black highlights both the eyes and the feathers. All this put together, they look so delicate and appealing.

3. Baby Robin

Not all baby birds look like adults and the baby robin is one of these birds. They look very different from their parents. The hair that they have is fuzzy.

4. Baby Flamingo

Flamingos are known for their long feet and the baby flamingo also has similarly long feet. But this is the only identical feature that the parents and the babies have. Other than the legs, the babies are completely different from the parents. These babies develop very rapidly.

5. Baby Tree Swallows

Baby tree swallows are cute little birds. The two little birds in the picture are proof of their good looks. They appear to be grumpy, don’t they?

6. Baby Blue Tit

Apart from having all the elegance and magnificence of a baby bird, the black eye stripe that the baby blue tit is an extra eye puller. Doesn’t this little baby look like a superhero with his eye stripe?

7. Baby Ostrich

The word ostrich is synonymous with height! The adults are really tall birds and are huge. But how do they look when they are babies? Are they as tall? Surprisingly, these babies are very tiny compared to their parents. It is amazing to think that these little babies grow up to be such massive adult birds.

8. Baby Noisy-Miner

Each baby bird has its own set of attractive features. The baby noisy-miner is also a very delightful bird. The special characteristics that make this bird stand out are its tummy which is really feathery and its “no neck” look.

9. Baby Sandhill Cranes

Like the parents, this little baby bird has lanky, long legs. We actually do not expect a baby bird to be this tall! The lengthy neck is an additional attraction that adds to the grace of the bird.

10. Baby Gyrfalcon

The most conspicuous feature of the baby gyrfalcon is their feet.

11. Baby Condor

This little baby condor is definitely not going to remain the same size for long. Condors are big birds but start their lives as little birds. This baby too will grow up to be a massive bird one day.

12. Baby Song thrush

This little baby song thrush with its ruffled feathers and big mouth is as lovable as any other baby bird.

13. Baby Swan

Swans rank high among birds due to their grace and elegance and the little baby swans are no less than their parents in both these qualities.

14. Baby Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are themselves very small birds and it goes without saying that their babies are also tiny. These little birds are just the size of a jelly bean as soon as they hatch from their eggs. And they weigh just as much as half a dollar bill!

15. Baby Eastern Bluebird

These belong to the type of baby bird that does not resemble the parent when they are small. However, they modify themselves to look just like their parents and this is something that never ceases to amaze.

16. Baby Macaw

This colorful baby is bound to attract attention though it is in an awkward stage.

17. Baby Chicken

These rank high as commonly adored baby birds. They look like soft, furry balls and are absolutely delightful.

18. Baby Duck

Competing with the baby chicks are baby ducks which also look bewitching with a soft, fluffy appearance.

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